nathan jenkins
Hi, I'm Nate, half of the team behind Dawn Entertainment, co-founder and former CTO of Authorea, former physicist and frequent contrarian. Currently residing in Geneva Switzerland but dreaming of London. Open to new opportunities ideally in computer vision and/or machine learning


Myicebreak is an icebreaker app to make meetups less awkward.
Dawn is a contactless platform for the entertainment industry. Book, invite, order and pay directly from your phone.
Dropit is a dead-simple file sharing app powered by qr codes.
xkcd-mario-ish, a playable version of this amazing xkcd comic
Blate, an indoor bouldering app with a hold recognition system which can handle any hold configuration automatically.
HipToHop, a game where the goal is to get from the starting song to the final song using only Youtube's suggested videos.


Steph's Shooting Streak, a detailed examination of Steph Curry's not so recent shooting streak.
Exploring the essential matrix, an interactive look at the essential matrix and 8-point algorithm used in computer vision.
Simple neural net, a javascript implementation of a simple neural network which visualizes the flow in a neural net during training.
NBA player-effeciency rating , a detailed, interactive breakdown of each player's PER (player efficiency rating) in the NBA.